Wine Wednesday – Wines of Italy, Campania

Mount Vesuvius as seen from the ruined city of Pompeii Mount Vesuvius as seen from the ruined city of Pompeii

Yes, hiking up the side of an active volcano is cool (well, not really cool as it was 42 degrees that day). And even more cool is the fact that I managed to enjoy a glass of cold white wine on the rim after a mad scramble into the crater! Vesuvius has attracted human inhabitants for millennia. The rich fertile soils, the Bay of Naples, fishing grounds, and the temperate climate make for ideal living. The proximity to a still active volcano, while concerning, has not stopped over one million people from making the area... | Continue reading article

Lil’foodiePrints Eats – Italian

Nana Gill's Sugo Nana Gill's Sugo

Lil’foodiePrints Eats – Nana Gill’s sugo I just came back from two weeks visiting my cousins in Rome. It was very hot and so we went to the beach a lot. We also climbed Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano, and saw the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, destroyed when it exploded in Roman times.   What did you eat while you were in Italy? A lot of pasta! My Mum really likes pasta and she got upset one day because her Aunt (I call her Nana Gill) made a rice salad and no pasta! Because... | Continue reading article

First Impressions: Hoof Raw Bar

Whiting & Ponzu Whiting & Ponzu

Meet Abby. She’s smart, funny, and charming. She loves food and is a fantastic baker. A city girl, she lives just a few stops (by subway) outside of downtown Toronto. With endless restaurants, fine food shops, one cookbook store, kitchen supply stores, and markets literally outside her door, inspiration is everywhere. Oh, and did I mention Abby is my best friend? Abby has been a silent part of foodiePrints for a number of years. Not only do I consider her to be my baking guru, she’s been with us ever since Don started the blog... | Continue reading article

First Impressions: Luma

Executive Chef Jason Bangerter of O&B Canteen and Luma Executive Chef Jason Bangerter of O&B Canteen and Luma

Whether it’s a new restaurant in town or an established one, there’s always something exciting about going to it for the first time. Sometimes, it’s a date night for me and Don, and other times, it’s to meet up with good friends for a relaxing evening. Last month, I headed to Toronto to visit friends and left Don to his own devices. After an evening of shopping, dinner, and doing wedding errands along Spadina Street, my best friend and I decided we were in need of a late night snack. And so, we decided to... | Continue reading article

Gadgetgirl in California – Wente Winery

Wente Wente

This Friday is the Californian Wine Fair at Ottawa’s Westin Hotel (11 Colonel By Drive). I have been attended this yearly event since the 1990s, including last year when I met Michael Parr of Wente Family Estates. As part of my GGinCali tour last year, we made a point of visiting the Wente Family Estates and spent a lovely time with Michael Parr, Vice President of International Sales. He gave us a tour of the winery, guided us through tastings of their extensive portfolio and we spent a lovely time in Livermore Valley. You have... | Continue reading article

Bachelorette Week in Toronto: First Impressions of Burger Brats

“O Hintonburger, Hintonburger, wherefore art thou Hintonburger?” It was all I could think of as I sat down for dinner. It was Monday evening with the raining drizzling upon us as my friend and I made our way through the Entertainment District in downtown Toronto. We were meeting with another friend for dinner before heading off to the movie theater. When they suggested Burger Brats, I was immediately intrigued by the amusing name. In this fair city, there seems to be quite a burger war happening, so I was looking forward to my dinner. Burger... | Continue reading article

Bachelorette Week in Toronto: Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

It’s not very often Don and I find ourselves apart. We don’t get a lot of vacation time, but when we do, we usually spend it together. Last summer Don had an unexpected “bachelor” week when I was in Vancouver, providing updates of his “temporary bachelorhood” on Facebook and Twitter. I even received a call from him at 8 am on a Saturday, asking me, “Where is the broom?” and “How many tablespoons of coffee do I put in the coffee machine?” My calls home asking what he had eaten included responses such as, “I’m... | Continue reading article

Gadgetgirl in California – Day 8 Two Buck Chuck

I realise that these are out of order but, given the recent news about the LCBO and pricing, I wanted to tell you about “Two-Buck Chuck”, a $1.99 a bottle wine that I tried on my last night in California. It was not awful. Yes, you read that right, I actually drank a two dollar bottle of wine and even enjoyed it! “Two Buck Chuck” is the nick-name given to an inexpensive wine sold at Trader Joe’s, a US chain of grocery stores. In California, it retails for $1.99, hence the name. At my visit... | Continue reading article