Gadgetgirl in California – Day 3

Today I discovered the Disney Store for wine bloggers. It is big, ubiquitous in the suburbs and called BevMo! BevMo! signage The Bev is short for Beverages. Mo is not the name of the guy working the tasting bar but short for More. Beverages and More = Bev + Mo = BevMo… poetic, really. There are over one hundred of these surreal liquor stores across California, their red neon signs shining like beacons in the night. Inside, it is Ali Baba’s cave meets Costco meets alcohol. A warehouse of alcohol! Unlike Ontario or Quebec, the... | Continue reading article

Gadgetgirl in California – Day 2

Don and I have an ongoing thing where he teases me about wine in a box. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with wine in a box but that’s the subject for another post. When I stopped at the liquor store on my way back from 14 hours of sightseeing, I had my mind set on a warming red wine. It had been cold and rainy in San Francisco, my shoes were wet from 4 hours on Alcatraz (thank goodness for wool socks, they really do keep you warm even wet), my knees were... | Continue reading article

Gadgetgirl in California – Day 1

You should not view the fact that I purchased my first California wine within minutes of landing and before collecting my luggage as a bad thing. I consider it my duty to ensure that I fully cover the spectrum of wine availability. After all, the fact that wine is sold by the same store that sells magazines and gum by landing gate 32 at San Francisco airport might be very important to you some day. (As you can guess, the sale of alcohol is private in California. The locations, selection and prices vary greatly from... | Continue reading article

A Grocery Store Adeventure: Galleria Supermarket

As a child, I loved accompanying my mom to the grocery store. To me, it was like a big trip, going somewhere different each time. There were the local supermarkets in the neighbourhood and every Saturday, my parents stopped by several stores in Chinatown to complete their grocery list. I loved seeing the bright colours of vegetables and fruits, peppered my mom with endless questions about cooking, and of course, the best part was sneaking off to the junk food aisle to check the latest offerings. How many times did I try to sneak some... | Continue reading article

Tiny Tuesday: Taking the Train to Toronto

Jenn and I spent a week in Toronto, visiting friends. Already, our Tumblr sub-blog “Bits, Bites, and Beavers” has been loaded with snapshots of things food we came across on our various wanders in the “Big Smoke.” We are presently putting together blog posts on the Korean dishes we tried, sights and sounds from the Conscious Food Festival, and, of course, our lusciously rich dinner at the Black Hoof(923 Dundas Street W.). In the meantime, here is something I found myself remarking to Jenn about on the train to Toronto. First, when we are exhausted... | Continue reading article

An Ear-Shattering Night at GUU Izakaya

When I’m not in Toronto visiting friends, I’m in the city for business, mostly teaching-related. After a long workday, I count myself lucky. Those same friends find time to cheer me up in the evenings. Last summer, after a particularly stressful day of training, my friends came to my rescue with a fabulous dinner. They took me to the first (398 Church Street) of Toronto’s now 2 GUU Izakayas. Newly opened Guu SakaBar (559 Bloor Street W.) welcomed guests for the first time this past April. GUU Signage GUU is a Vancouver-originating chain that aims... | Continue reading article

Walkthrough: Whole Foods Market

What was probably one of the worst-kept secrets in Ottawa, American grocer Whole Foods Market officially confirmed their plans in mid-February for a market location at Lansdowne Park. For those who are unfamiliar with Whole Foods, it is a high-end grocery chain offering specialty groceries, organic food, and sustainable fish. With a planned opening in 2014, the store will take up 40,000 square feet. My previous exposure to Whole Foods was from watching season one of Top Chef Masters. In this series, competing chefs had to purchase all their ingredients from a Whole Foods store,... | Continue reading article

Toronto Tuesday: Trains, Dumplings, and a Canteen

Index: VIA 1 on board meals | Mother’s Dumplings | Oliver & Bonacini Canteen As last year, Jenn and I saved up some money to visit Toronto to celebrate the new year. With the help of some travel credit card points and some creative scheduling with VIA Rail, we treated ourselves to four days and four nights in the Big Smoke (also known as Hogtown), traveling by train. We mostly kept to ourselves, connecting with a handful of Toronto food tweeps and visiting some recommended eateries. The food scene in Ontario’s capital city is much... | Continue reading article