Yeung Chow Fried Rice – Forget the Chicken Fried Nonsense

When you visit a Chinese restaurant, several menu items are excellent indicators the food served is less authentic and more North American. Does the restaurant serve chicken balls, diabolical deep fried masses of batter that may or may not contain chicken? Does the restaurant serve egg rolls in lieu of spring rolls? Is there something chicken or shrimp fried on the menu? Answering yes to any of these questions usually means my non-Asian friends will be more familiar with the cuisine than I am. I will probably be eating a lot of soup dumplings. Take... | Continue reading article

This is what dragon fruit tastes like…

A lovely lady who goes by the handle Rosella on Twitter posted a link to pictures of her visit to Toronto’s Chinatown yesterday evening. rossella76 May 21, 09:25 PM A selection of my first day in Toronto last week Her tweet prompted me to rifle through foodiePrints’ image archive and fish out some pictures of fruit from the trip Jenn and I took to Vancouver two years ago. Mostly, the images come from a produce shop located in a lovely marketplace called “Granville Island.” Granville Island There, Vancouver demonstrates one benefit of being so... | Continue reading article

On Course in Toronto – Part 2/2 – updated

During the Tuesday evening of my week in Toronto, Mademoiselle Ling took me to Little Korea (aka: Korea Town or K-town) for dinner. In Toronto, Little Korea is located along a stretch of Bloor Street between Christie and Bathurst Streets. There, we went to a restaurant whose name neither of us could pronounce. She found the restaurant on It comes highly recommended. Korean Restaurant For dinner, we both ordered a popular Korean dish, called bibimbap in a heated stone bowl or dolsot. Dolson Bibimbap Essentially, bibimbap is a dish of hot rice, a variety... | Continue reading article

On Course in Toronto – Part 1/2 – updated

Last month, I spent a week in downtown Toronto, schooling in the ways of SAP, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is popular among medium and large scale enterprises. Since my course was 5 days long, I was initially apprehensive about being unable to sate my foodie appetites for a week. Toronto is a big city. It has much to offer foodie-wise, but culinary adventure is limited when you are unfamiliar with Toronto’s public transit system and you’ve a grueling day’s instruction the following morning. Happily, if your hotel just happens to be located... | Continue reading article

Off to Cornwall to Admire a Barbecue Enclosure

Sometime during the fall, a friend and colleague threw a party to bid farewell to the house he designed and built himself. He had just put the property on the market and decided to invite friends and co-workers over to admire his handiwork. The approximately 2200 square foot bungalow with custom baths, a spacious kitchen, solid wood cabinetry, and laminate hardwood floors is located in Cornwall, Ontario. Personally, my main draw was my friend’s custom built barbecue enclosure. It weather proofed his barbecue from rain, wind, snow, and sleet, permitting him ready access to a... | Continue reading article