Relatively Wordless Wednesday: A Tasty Costume

I was doing some last minute back-to-school supply shopping at the mall yesterday afternoon when I decided to walk into an Old Navy store. You can always find a display of cute metal buckets right by the cash. But, it wasn’t the lunch boxes and buckets with the colourful designs that caught my eye. It was the racks of Halloween costumes in the children’s section, already marked down at 20% off. “Halloween costumes?!” I thought, “But school just started!” As a teacher, I really enjoying seeing kids in Halloween costumes in my classroom. When I... | Continue reading article

Sweet Tarts Takeaway Takeaways

Sweet Tarts Takeaway Filming Last Sunday, I volunteered to be an extra in an episode of Sweet Tarts Takeaway, which should be premiering today. I answered a request on the web series’ Facebook page, asking anyone interested in dressing up in a suit or tuxedo to message series’ writer, director, and producer Bonnie Robinson. [Incidentally, there will be a screening of newly completed episodes (Episodes 5, 6, 7 and 8) today from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Iyengar Yoga Studio at 784 Bronson Avenuse (corner of Bronson and Carling). You’d best message Robinson... | Continue reading article

Premiere: Sweet Tarts Takeaway

Looking for a new online comedy series with a homegrown flavour to it? Meet Janis and Sue, the pair behind the struggling catering business, Sweet Tarts Takeaway. Still from Sweet Tarts Takeaway’s Opening Credits Sue baking cookies “Sweet Tarts Takeaway” is a web comedy about two female caterers who take on a small time repo company when their van gets repossessed. Each 5-10 minute episode is broadcast online every Monday, and, as an added bonus, a recipe from local caterers/restaurants will accompany each new episode. These businesses include Auntie Loo’s Treats, Essence Catering, B. Good... | Continue reading article

Chronicles of Christmas 2010: Christmas Baskets and Gifts for Food Bloggers

Christmas Baskets Christmas 2010 again saw us giving the gift of Koko Chocolates in our gift baskets. Koko Chocolates Gift Basket with michaelsdolce Jam This time, with the sad realization Koko’s founder Lori Sword would be leaving in the New Year for Australia and a new challenge. Happily, before the New Year, Sword would announce Koko has a new owner, someone who has been with the company a while. Jenn met Jennifer Winter when she picked up our order. Winter has now taken over both the website and twitter (@kokochocolates) and Facebook accounts. Sword and... | Continue reading article

foodiePrints Remembers

This post is not about food, but it is food for thought. With 20 minutes left to Remembrance Day 2010 and before the poppy twibbons disappear from avatars, we at foodiePrints hope you, our readers, took pause and spent some time today remembering. We did. Remembrance Day Ceremony in front of the National War Memorial on Elgin Street Everyone, young and old turned out. Cannons Leaving Downtown Core Poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Ottawans, paying their respects foodiePrints (Nov 11, 08:57 AM) “Never was so much owed by so many to so... | Continue reading article

Wordless Wednesday: Fruity Tissues?

According to the brandchannel website, “Kleenex [Went] Fruity for Summer.” Kleenex, the 86-year old brand whose brand name is synonymous with “tissues,” typically sees a downward spiral in sales during the summer. Apparently, allergy season is no match for cold and flu season. Source: brandchannel.com Pair this with increased competition between branded and no-name store branded tissues in a difficult economy and Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer of Kleenex tissues, went looking for a solution. The solution: produce tissue boxes that look like fruit associated with summer and launch a web application, called MyKleenexTissue to create custom... | Continue reading article

Candwiches? Seriously?!

During the summer afternoons, I like to catch up on my reading. Sometimes, I find myself reading silly, yet addictive books from the Twilight series to Archie comics. Sometimes, I curl up with non-fiction, usually involving modern history. I’m also quite the news addict, grazing on pieces from Canadian and international media sources. However, just when I think I’ve seen it all (and believe me, as a teacher, I often see and hear plenty of very strange things), along comes something incredibly shocking. I was left speechless. Now, I understand very busy people make up... | Continue reading article

Funny Friday: The Captain of Summer vs. the Barbecue

What happens when Captain Morgan, as part of an LCBO promotion, delegates his grill duties, flipping burger patties, to his First Mate? Observe… Out of control flames! Psst…Matey, here’s the Bin Incidentally, Captain Morgan is one of the primary sponsors of this year’s World Cup.