Les Côtes d’Ardoise

Papillon I am not writing these in chronological order (a rebel….that’s the kind of Gal I am) and the first winery that I stopped at on the Thanksgiving week-end was Les Côtes d’Ardoise. My father used to operate in the same hospital as the winery’s owner, Dr. Jacques Papillon, and I was lucky enough to meet and speak him (Dr. Papillon…not my Dad…we interrupted his lunch and he was very gracious about it…again, Dr. Papillon, not my father). Of all the wineries in the Eastern Townships, Les Côtes d’Ardoise must have the most beautiful location.... | Continue reading article

Gagliano Winery

Reflections of Fall Fall pumpkins in the field Thanksgiving weekend, I took advantage of the free childcare that Grandparents provide and ran away… admittedly, not far… just far enough to enjoy some wines on the Eastern Township’s “Route des Vins”. There are sixteen local wineries near my Father’s and, with one thing and another, I had never visited them before. This is the first of three pieces (I realize that my blogs can be lengthy so I thought three short ones might keep everyone’s attention focused on me…cause that’s what it’s all about, right… me?)... | Continue reading article

Red or White with Turkey

I realize that this post was scheduled to be a romantic and mouth-watering description of Italian wines from the region of Puglia but…well…it isn’t. Which it isn’t to say that the next one won’t be, it will….just not this one. This one is a quick note about a fun little bubbly that you might want to consider for Thanksgiving. There is no shame in admitting that turkey is a meal that can cause confusion: red or white? We are caught when faced with this question in the same way we feel trapped at the grocery... | Continue reading article

Moving East – new VQA wines from Chateau des Charmes.

Chateau des Charmes Gen 7 Wines On September 8th at 6:45pm, Chateau des Charmes launched its new Generation Seven wines, a white and a red. Clearly aimed at a younger market with simultaneous launches in Toronto and Ottawa, tweets and Facebook, the launch sought to take advantage of the buzz that can be created in minutes. I initially thought that the name “Gen7” was a bit obvious, playing on the GenX, GenY, GenPDQ (or whatever the next one will be) idea. But a look at the label reveals that it is so named as the... | Continue reading article

Last Thoughts, an Award, and an Introduction – updated

Jenn and I find ourselves consistently awe-struck by the connections we make by food blogging and the relationships that have developed from them. It intrigued us when Joe Boughner (@joeboughner), one of Ottawa’s pre-eminent practitioners of effectively applying social media to business, put out a blog challenge, Monday. His challenge: What if you could only write one more post? What would you want to say? After some thought, mine would start with a list of individual thank-yous to the people we have connected with. I would thank Jenn, my better half and foodiePrints’ editor, for... | Continue reading article

Celebrating Friday with Koko Chocolates and Jost Winery’s Raspberry Wine

Imagine one of your co-workers, the “other” office foodie, wanders by and hands you a bottle of wine. She picked up a pair of wines from Nova Scotia’s Jost Winery during her most recent trip to the maritimes. Jost is famous for their specialty “maple” wine. The bottle you were gifted was raspberry. After examining the label, I looked up and, as innocently as possible, asked, “And, what makes you think I know anything about food?” Silence. “Well, I know less about wine.”, I added. Smiling, she responded, “It goes well with chocolate. Promise me... | Continue reading article