Wine Wednesday, Robert Mondavi – A California Wine for Nadine Thornhill

It’s always sad when someone you like leaves town, even when it’s for bigger and better things. It’s even sadder when you miss their going-away party. Such was the case for me and Nadine Thornhill last weekend. Knowing, however, that she is moving to California, the least I could do after missing her party was give her some wine suggestions for when she lands on the west coast. I was lucky enough to be invited to meet Mark de Vere, Master of Wine, and to sample some Robert Mondavi wines over a meal prepared by the... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday – Yes, I am twelve years old (Another Wine Gadget)

My ability to open a bottle of champagne on my wedding day notwithstanding, I am terrified of champagne corks. This fear has been the subject of many tweets, a blog post, and one in-person reading at Blog Out Loud. I have even tried to find Champagne gadgets that might remove the problem. It was with little hope of success then, that I approached The Final Touch Champagne Bottle Opener, a gift from my Twitter friend, @PrincessDoubt (she hung on to it for me for a year, randomly carrying it around with her in the hopes... | Continue reading article

Wines for #NJGWedding

Just over a week ago, I got married. Believe me, no one is more surprised than me. Especially when you consider that I was not even aware that my first meeting of The Beau was a date (one meets a lot of people when one writes about wine!).  And, despite what he might tell you, I really was aiming for his cheek with that first kiss goodnight. However it came about, the story ends (or begins) with us getting hitched at a little event we called #NJGWedding. Once we had agreed on a date that suited the... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday – @GadgetGirl Sangria

The GadgetGirl Sangria The GadgetGirl Sangria

Mums are people, too. And, although we toil the other 364 days of the year, come Mother’s Day, we appreciate a little pampering. This year, I was sent a lovely basket containing all the fixings for a “Passionate Sangria”: a bottle of Solaz Tempranillo Caberbet Sauvignon (a great summer red at a great price $10.95), a bottle of Duff Gordon brandy, a bottle of Cinzano sweet red Vermouth, fruit juice, whole fruit and even a pitcher in which to mix my sangria (a nice touch, by the way). Sangria is traditionally a fruity red wine... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday – the Great Costco Experiment Conclusion

If you remember, a few months ago I ventured over to Gatineau to follow-up on the rumour that they sold wine. Once I confirmed the rumour to be fact, I sampled a bottle of their lowest-end wines, a bottle of Yellow Dune red wine, a not exactly fantastic $11 wine. Julia Wine is a wine broker. They buy wine in bulk from producers around the world and bottle them in Canada for sale in the province of Quebec exclusively at Costco. Wine brokerage  is not an inherently bad things.  However, in the same way as the... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday: Paris à vélo

I went to Paris. It was lovely. Although Parisians can be as stereotypically rude as advertised, they are not all and I managed to have a wonderful time. One of the things that makes Paris so fun to visit is their system of municipally subsidized bicycles. Known as “Vélib”, these bikes are found all over the city and are free for trips under 30 minutes, 2 euros per half hour over 30 minutes. Unlike Ottawa’s Bixi bikes, which are aimed at tourists, the Vélib system is very much used by Parisians and visitors alike. The... | Continue reading article

Wine Wednesday – Auxerrois and Paris in the Spring!

I’m going to France next week. Tough, I know, but such are the hardships I am willing to endure in order to further my wine research! (It’s actually to speak at a conference on project, program and portfolio management but that hardly sounds romantic). Appropriately enough, I have been enjoying an oft-overlooked French white wine of late: Auxerrois. Truth be told, Auxerrois is also grown in Germany, Canada and the United States, but it is primariy a French grape with its origins in Northern France. A cool climate grape, I think it is the perfect... | Continue reading article

Feeling a little PEC-ish? Win tickets to County in the City – Updated

Did you know that there are more wineries per area in Prince Edward County than in Niagara? No?  And did you know that Prince Edward County is closer to Ottawa than Niagara? No? Well, there are and it is. This year’s IndulgePEC saw the usual suspects troop through PEC again, enjoying what this area has to offer. While I’ll be writing more, I wanted to take the time to tell you about PEC’s oldest winery. Waupoos,  an Ojibway word for rabbit, was created by Ed Neuser and Riata Kaimins in 1983 when they bought an old apple orchard and... | Continue reading article