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We at foodiePrints are all about our readers. Well, we’re all about promoting Ottawa food and drink, supporting the local community, and making people hungry. But, where would we be without our amazing readers?

All five of you…I know who you are too! Hi Sis!

Now, should any of you need to drop us a note, feel free to contact us via our general inbox, blog “AT” Someone from the team will put down the fork or camera and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’ve a food or drink-oriented blog post idea or want the opportunity to guest post something on foodiePrints, we’re open to suggestions. And, food, being a rather visual medium, photos, videos, and the like would be an asset.

To contact our editor, Jenn, drop her a note at jenn AT

If you really need to contact me, drop me a note at don AT