IKEA Kitchen Hacks

It’s been a while since I put anything in the kitchen gear category. Such may be the result of my instituting a temporary moratorium on kitchen expenditures before heading out West for a vacation. The moratorium will remain until I replenish some of my funds. Happily, I think I have found another way to save money in the kitchen: Ikea Hacking (aka: re-purposing Ikea products)! I ran across the phenomenon in today’s online issue of the New York Times. The article linked to Ms. Mei Mei Yap’s “ikeahacker” blog. There, I found some innovative ways... | Continue reading article

Back from Vancouver! Updates will be forthcoming!!!

Vancouver As some of my faithful readers have noticed, postings on the blog have been few and far between during the past 3 weeks. The reason has to do with my taking my first ever vacation. My better half and I spent 2 and a half glorious weeks in Vancouver, British Columbia. We spent our time visiting her relatives, touring the sites, and, of course, eating. I spent a lot of my time gawking dumbfounded at the majestic splendor of the Canadian West Coast. In preparation for my trip, I created a dev sandbox on... | Continue reading article

Rudely Shaped Eggs

Boob Egg Fryer On a slightly more vulgar tone than the “F-cup cookies”, the following is a non-stick egg mold that is supposed to produce “egg-citing” sunny side up eggs. It is available for sale on prezzieplus.com. I ran across the contraption some time ago on digg.com. Given that eggs cooked sunny side up tend to be undercooked, these “egg-citing” eggs may actually harbor another surprise: salmonella…

Food that does the body good?

Several months ago, a cookie, called the “F-cup Cookie”, made its way across the blogo-sphere. Originating in Japan, this confection was marketed to increase a woman’s cup-size. The following are pics from various websites, including gizmodo.com, of the F-cup cookie’s advertising and an in-store display: Advertising Box Display The following are similarly marketed products from two local Asian supermarkets. Brain Cookies Brain Biscuits I found this product prominently displayed on a store shelf at the Kowloon Market (720 Somerset Street West) in Ottawa. Similar to North American alphabet soup, “brain biscuits” consist of letter-shaped and... | Continue reading article

What makes New York Bagels Distinctive? An extra 2 inches!

Multi-Grain Bagel Cross Section What is 3 inches thick, bready, and has a hole in the middle? The answer: A multi-grain New York Bagel. For Ottawa foodies who are more accustomed to Montreal-style bagels, these gargantuan bagels are quite the surprise. Montreal-style bagels are typically an inch thick. Their American cousins are 3 times that size. Fresh from New York, my multi-grain bagel had a similar flavour to equivalent Montreal-style bagels that I have tried, but it was much more bready. The texture was softer and less chewy. Eating one New York bagel is equivalent... | Continue reading article

Steamed Salmon Steaks with Green Onions

Steamed Salmon Steaks In Chinese cuisine, fish can be fried, roasted, boiled, or steamed. Steaming is a great method for keeping fish moist and intensifying flavors. Even salmon steaks, traditionally grilled or pan fried, can be cooked this way. To steam salmon steaks, season inch thick steaks and place them in a metal pan. Place the metal pan onto a steamer rack or onto a trivot in a large pot containing boiling water. Cover and steam until cooked. Meanwhile, pan fry sliced garlic and long cut green onion slivers in 3-4 tbsp of hot vegetable... | Continue reading article

Subway Lobster Roll – Lobster from the bottom of the Food Chain – updated

Celebrated French chef Jacques Pepin once had a cooking show on the public broadcasting channel with Julia Child. One of its episodes featured lobster. In it, Chef Pepin described how he used to work as the executive chef for Howard Johnson’s. His menu included a lobster roll and he demonstrated how it was put together. Ever since I saw the episode, I found myself fantasizing about trying a lobster roll. Recently, the Subway restaurants in the Ottawa area started offering a lobster sandwich. One warm July day, I literally could not resist and bought a... | Continue reading article

Farmers’ Markets – Foodie Paradise

To foodies, there is no better source of fresh seasonal produce than farmers’ markets. Where else can you find regional fresh fruits and vegetables that spend more of their lives on the vine than on trucks from Mexico? There is nothing sweeter than field picked berries or freshly harvested tomatoes. The produce even smells better. These days, farmer’s markets even specialize in selling organic produce and re-introducing heirloom varieties of vegetables to consumers. Another reason to visit farmer’s markets has to do with the salmonella outbreak from contaminated spinach a year ago. The contaminated spinach... | Continue reading article