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Food that does the body good?

Several months ago, a cookie, called the “F-cup Cookie”, made its way across the blogo-sphere. Originating in Japan, this confection was marketed to increase a woman’s cup-size. The following are pics from various websites, including gizmodo.com, of the F-cup cookie’s advertising and an in-store display: Advertising Box Display The following are similarly marketed products from two local Asian supermarkets. Brain Cookies Brain Biscuits I found this product prominently displayed on a store shelf at the Kowloon Market (720 Somerset Street West) in Ottawa. Similar to North American alphabet soup, “brain biscuits” consist of letter-shaped and... | Continue reading article

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What makes New York Bagels Distinctive? An extra 2 inches!

Multi-Grain Bagel Cross Section What is 3 inches thick, bready, and has a hole in the middle? The answer: A multi-grain New York Bagel. For Ottawa foodies who are more accustomed to Montreal-style bagels, these gargantuan bagels are quite the surprise. Montreal-style bagels are typically an inch thick. Their American cousins are 3 times that size. Fresh from New York, my multi-grain bagel had a similar flavour to equivalent Montreal-style bagels that I have tried, but it was much more bready. The texture was softer and less chewy. Eating one New York bagel is equivalent... | Continue reading article

Steamed Salmon Steaks with Green Onions

Steamed Salmon Steaks In Chinese cuisine, fish can be fried, roasted, boiled, or steamed. Steaming is a great method for keeping fish moist and intensifying flavors. Even salmon steaks, traditionally grilled or pan fried, can be cooked this way. To steam salmon steaks, season inch thick steaks and place them in a metal pan. Place the metal pan onto a steamer rack or onto a trivot in a large pot containing boiling water. Cover and steam until cooked. Meanwhile, pan fry sliced garlic and long cut green onion slivers in 3-4 tbsp of hot vegetable... | Continue reading article


Subway Lobster Roll – Lobster from the bottom of the Food Chain – updated

Celebrated French chef Jacques Pepin once had a cooking show on the public broadcasting channel with Julia Child. One of its episodes featured lobster. In it, Chef Pepin described how he used to work as the executive chef for Howard Johnson’s. His menu included a lobster roll and he demonstrated how it was put together. Ever since I saw the episode, I found myself fantasizing about trying a lobster roll. Recently, the Subway restaurants in the Ottawa area started offering a lobster sandwich. One warm July day, I literally could not resist and bought a... | Continue reading article


Farmers’ Markets – Foodie Paradise

To foodies, there is no better source of fresh seasonal produce than farmers’ markets. Where else can you find regional fresh fruits and vegetables that spend more of their lives on the vine than on trucks from Mexico? There is nothing sweeter than field picked berries or freshly harvested tomatoes. The produce even smells better. These days, farmer’s markets even specialize in selling organic produce and re-introducing heirloom varieties of vegetables to consumers. Another reason to visit farmer’s markets has to do with the salmonella outbreak from contaminated spinach a year ago. The contaminated spinach... | Continue reading article


Allium – Grand Re-openning (July 19, 2007)

Grand Re-opening Renovations New Tables Place Setting Five months ago, the Allium restaurant was closed for 12 weeks due to a fire. The restaurant above it, Les Grillades, suffered a devastating grease fire that spread downstairs, causing fire, water, and smoke damage to the entire building. Les Grillades is still out of commission. Allium, however, used the downtime to perform some renovations and re-opened July 19, 2007. The renovations added booth seating to the back of the restaurant, next to a now publicly visible wine rack. They also removed the booth seating on the right... | Continue reading article


Marché Vieux Hull

For those of us working on the Québec side of the Ottawa river, during the summer, there is a weekly outdoor artisan market to visit. In 2007, the market convened Thursdays at noon and large groups of public servants could be seen walking amongst its stalls, looking for something for lunch. Enough public servants attended, that I still am not sure what street the market is held on. Whenever I went, I simply followed the crowds. That said, here are pictures from one of my visits: The market is actually well advertised. Oddly none of... | Continue reading article

The Great Lebanese Meat Pie (Lahem bi Ajeen) Freezer Experiment

Alladin Bakery Eat for a Dollar Gas-Fired Oven Meat-Only Meat With Cheese Two weeks ago, my better half and I found the west-end location of Alladin bakery in Ottawa, 1801 Carling Avenue. It happened to be within busing distance of our condo in the Wellington Village. This west-end location is far more conveniently located than Alladin’s other location on St. Laurent Road (1020), which is in the east-end of Ottawa. At Alladin, we purchased a dozen meat-only meat pies and two meat with cheese meat pies. The baker was happy to oblige, but advised us... | Continue reading article