Adventures in Barbecuing 2 – Cevapcici

Having repeatedly enjoyed traditionally prepared Bosnian cevapcici from Skela on 956 Merivale Road, I decided to try my hand at making my own. Besides, with the summer more than half over, I have to exploit my access to a gas barbecue as much as possible. I thus armed myself with a modified recipe from the Frugal Gourmet, some tips from a colleague, and some information from various websites and made an attempt. My first encounter with these caseless sausages appeared on foodiePrints sometime ago. What ended up coming off the grill was visually acceptable. The... | Continue reading article

Bottled Water Blues – “Aquafina labels to identify source of water” (July 27, 2007)

An article from Reuters about PepsiCo Inc.’s decision to label bottled water has been picked up by international news organizations and has appeared on and Accordingly, PepsiCo will spell out on its labels that Aquafina bottled water is made with tap water. The new labeling, which will include the words “Public Water Source”, is a concession to growing environmental and political opposition to the bottled water industry. According to spokespeople from PepsiCo, this will help to clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources. Dasani Flavored Water Coca-Cola Co., on the... | Continue reading article

“Nepal’s ‘goddess’ prefers instant noodles” (July 27, 2007)

According to Reuters, a 10 year old girl in Bhaktapur, Nepal has been named a “living goddess” or “kumari” according to Hindu tradition. The girl, named Sajani Shakya, was selected by priests to serve as an incarnation of Kali, the Hindu goddess of power. She will remain in this “divine” role until menstruation, after which, she retires and rejoins her family. Sajani has been the subject of international headlines this month after she visited the United States to promote a British-made film about her life. Some religious authorities threatened to strip her of her “living... | Continue reading article

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Tale of Two Samosas

Ottawa is a very multi-cultural city. As such, you will find numerous places selling ethnic snack foods from specialized take-out restaurants to convenience stores. Increasingly prevalent is the Indian samosa. A samosa is a fried triangular pastry with a savory potato and pea filling. The filling is usually flavored with spices. Sometimes, the filling also includes onion, fresh cilantro, Paneer (Indian cottage cheese), and/or minced meat. A fusion version of the samosa has emerged. Instead of frying the pastry, it is baked instead. This said, I decided to perform an experiment. Because a number of... | Continue reading article

Herb Pesto Pasta – updated with Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pasta With more than a cup of pesto, my better half and I had to find ways to prepare more dishes with it, other than slather it on toast. Though Jenn had prepared a single serving of it the day before, we decided to make a couple’s-sized serving of pesto spaghetti for dinner. The preparation was quick and easy. Cook up enough pasta for two to the super “al dente” stage. That is don’t cook the pasta all the way through. It should be soft on the outside and pliable, but relatively under cooked... | Continue reading article

Picture Perfect Pizza from Naples Pizza in Gatineau

Google "pizza" Search In preparation for writing this entry, I googled the word pizza. When the web page rendered, Google’s coveted first entry leads to the Pizza Pizza website. The third, forth and fifth entries belong to Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, and Boston Pizza respectively. I find this somewhat appalling. Though I like Pizza Pizza pizza and frequent an establishment in my neighborhood, I must say that the best slices that I’ve had were at small mom and pop restaurants. The reasons that my better half and I order Pizza Pizza pizza are because their... | Continue reading article

Allergy-free peanuts to be commercialized (July 26, 2007)

Ordinary Peanuts According to the “Researcher develops allergy-free peanuts” article by Jennifer Guevin of, researchers from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University have developed allergen free whole, roasted peanuts. Tests with blood serum from people with severe peanut allergies did not react to the processed nuts. The process, however, is not documented in the publication from the university, but the technique for producing these peanuts claims to inactivate allergens without affecting the taste or quality of treated peanuts. The researchers are now looking for ways to commercialize allergy-free peanuts. The image comes... | Continue reading article


Quick Chilling Beer in 3 minutes or less!

Self Chilling Beer In 2004, a company called Tempra was profiled in a London, UK newspaper as having developed a self-chilling can for beverages like beer or soda. The technology, called I.C. Can, is marketed as a self-contained refrigeration device that, when activated, cools a beverage by 30 degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes. A 2005 press release from Tempra, further explains that the technology operates using a desiccant gel contained within a vacuum. When activated, the gel draws heat from the beverage through an evaporator into an insulated heat-sink container, leaving the beverage inside the... | Continue reading article