“Buy your milk in the dark for flavour” (May 10, 2007)

Cats like milk Source: Yahoo News Title: “Buy your milk in the dark for flavour” Picture: Wonderful picture of a lion and a jaguar cub. Caption: “Reuters Photo: A two-month-old lion dozes on the back of a jaguar cub of the same age…” Correlation: As a rule, I don’t pick on Yahoo News because it behaves more like a news organization than Google News. However, the pairing of picture to article is so ludicrous that I had to point it out. What makes this worse is that the article is extremely useful. If you purchase... | Continue reading article

Unclutter the Kitchen!

My clutter I stumbled upon unclutterer.com because an article from this site showed up on digg.com. When I visited that article, my keen eye spotted a link to “more kitchen tips.” Low and behold, this site has a bunch of solutions to “unclutter” the kitchen. What resonated well with me is this entry: “‘Discard unused recipes yearly…’ It takes only minutes to do this. ‘Special cookbooks can be kept in your library or displayed,’ she said. She keeps a couple ethnic cookbooks on a coffee table as a conversation piece.” This is especially necessary if... | Continue reading article

In the market for a knife block? – updated

Stabby I’m actually in the market for a new knife block. One of the worst things you could do with a fine edged knife is to put it in a drawer with other knives. The same goes for dumping knives unceremoniously in a sink with other dishes. Not only is this unsafe for an unsuspecting dishwasher or someone rooting around in a drawer, but a knife’s edge can easily become damaged by contact with other utensils or other knives. No amount of honing will be able to bring the knife’s edge back. I found these... | Continue reading article

What can you do with canner lobsters? Stirfry

Canner Lobsters Supermarkets are again selling these little lobsters. The advertisement on the left comes from this week’s Superstore flyer and states that its catch is the first of the season. Living somewhat island on the seafood supply chain, lobster is rarely economical. However, canner lobsters (aka: canners) can provide a more reasonable quick fix. Canners are physically small, usually weighing less than 1 lb, and are harvested between 5 and 6 months of age. Unfortunately, they are also usually cooked and flash frozen before shipping. The ones under the glass in the fish department... | Continue reading article

Beautiful Weekend – Harvest Loaf Bakery and the Garlic King

It’s been a while since a weekend in Ottawa brought with it so much sunshine. During my many trips out to enjoy the mild weather, I snapped these pics of some very creative signage from several eateries – art of advertising indeed!!! Harvest Loaf – Bakery Extra-ordinaire Front Door Front Steps My better half and I discovered the Harvest Loaf bakery on our way to Il Negozio Nicastro. I bought 4 palm cookies, she, an apple turnover. They were delicious. Unfortunately, this bakery is rumoured to be closing because of somewhat unreasonable increases in rent.... | Continue reading article

Grilled Pork Chops with Diane Sauce Glaze

Grilled Pork chops Alright, my inaugural run at the barbecue this year was with pork chops. Though, I prefer pork loin chops because there is mostly one muscle, I just picked up a couple thick (1″ or so) shoulder chops from the local mega-mart. I know, I know, shoulder chops have a lot of connective tissue that won’t dissolve with hot fast cooking like grilling. And, there’s a lot of muscle groups connected together, but for $1.99/lb, I couldn’t resist.

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Keyboard Waffle Iron For a kitchen appliance to resonate well with me, it would have to be something that combined aspects of the two worlds I play in: Food and Information Technology. A designer named Chris Dimino accomplished just that balance with his whimsical waffle iron. Though the waffle iron he designed was meant to reinvent an obsolete product, the typewriter, its new function happens to produce keyboards that look like modern computer keyboards, only edible. Chris’ waffle iron has also been making its way across the web. It has been sighted on theinquirer.net, the... | Continue reading article