Lemon Cake (as promised…)

Lemon Cake Back in the days when I worked in downtown Ottawa, my department proposed a cake baking competition to raise money for the United Way. Of course, I entered. The opportunity presented new recipes to try and a captive audience to try them on. It would have been for a good cause too. Unfortunately, the competition was not to be. No one in the building I worked in wanted to participate in the competition itself, so it was canceled. However, I did manage to find and develop a lemon cake recipe that one of... | Continue reading article

A smoked meat monstrosity from Dunn’s

Smoked Meat Poutine After having wandered around much of downtown Ottawa, apartment hunting, a friend, my better half, and I decided to hunker down for something warm and mildly unhealthy. Accordingly, we found ourselves at Dunn’s on Elgin Street. This establishment is our local chapter of the legendary smoked meat shop that originates in Montreal. This is also where my friend introduced me to the smoked meat poutine: fries, cheese curds, gravy, and (surprise!) chopped smoked meat. I was in cholesterol heaven. The fries were freshly fried, hot, and crispy. The smoked meat actually added... | Continue reading article

The Nasty Bits: “Tongues and Tails”

Tongue Yes, I am old enough to remember Sophie B Hawkins. When she debuted the album that gave her a name, her lyrics were some of the most creative of the 90s. Anyhow, the weekend saw me venture forth into the mega-mart for the first time in 2 weeks. Suffice it to say that my better half did the grocery shopping while I was less than healthy. Thanks sweetie Looking for some stew beef, I wandered the long meat counter somewhat intently. Low and behold, I find several shrink wrapped beef tongues.

Cooking Artifacts (seriously old microwave…)

Having started in my new position in another branch of my department, I explored the floor I am now working on. Low and behold, I found a microwave from days long past. I’ve no idea from whence this microwave came because the date of manufacture has worn away. For some perspective, I’ve attached a more contemporary Sharp “Half Pint” model from BestStuff.com. Happily the old model is located in the kitchenette. It still operates and it is quite favored by fellow cube-dwellers when lunchtime comes. Old Half Pint Current Half Pint

Yet another big bowl of Pho

Before taking in a movie this weekend, my better half, two friends and I decided to have noodles for dinner at Pho Bo Ga, Ottawa’s first, and arguably best, pho noodle house (though not my favourite). This my “regular” at Pho Bo Ga: pho with thin slices of beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, and chunks of beef shank. Before Chili Sauce This is properly seasoned pho for my palate. The red colour comes from adding sriracha, a popular chili sauce that comes in a plastic bottle with a green cap. Bottles of sriracha are common-place... | Continue reading article

Ottawa Eatery Displays

In the Ottawa area, we are graced with many restaurants and eateries. Here are some pictures of some eatery displays that caught my eye and the lens of my digital camera. Kinki This picture was taken during a walk through the ByWard market on a beautiful Autumn day. Please note that the sign in the picture points, not to an entry to the restaurant, but to an empty alley next door. Nevertheless, Kinki is a great restaurant that features fine asian fusion dishes. However, it is very pricey. Roasted Quayle? This sign graces my current... | Continue reading article

Bad Crop of South African Lychee Fruit

Sour Lychee Loblaws is selling these awful fruits next week for $1.98 CAD/LB. The sale begins tomorrow (January 13, 2007). The Superstore had the same special this week, which is where I had the misfortune of finding them. For some odd reason, these lychees are incredibly sour. They are wonderfully redenned, but they are far from sweet. Avoid if possible.